Learn How To Create An Avatar

These days internet users already want their identities to be known and their individualities to be shown on blogs, forums, and chat boards. Gone are the days when people hide their identities behind the computers. They would rather show their true faces or create an avatar of themselves. An avatar is what you call an animated picture shown on the internet to identify a person. Creating an avatar is very popular now a days, especially with the abundance of avatar generators that allow you to make an animated picture or a cartoon version of you for free. The task is really fun and interesting.

You can create an avatar and use it on forums, message boards and social networking sites like the Digg, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and more. You can either fetch an image automatically from Google with the tools, or upload your very own image. You can even decorate your image; there is a wide selection of borders, colors and fonts to choose from. Many popular avatar generators can be found on the internet and they allow you to go wild in creating an animated character. Visit these websites and just follow the instructions that you will find there. A blank character will become visible and you will need to set it at default. Click on a button and experiment with many tabs to have a pick of eyebrows, hairstyles or clothing. One click can offer you dozens of choices, so you get so much fun creating an avatar.

Some avatar generators allow you to create an avatar without using any ActiveX controls, Flash, downloads or toolbars. In some websites, you only need to click on the “create” tab on its homepage. You will get to select your gender, eye color, or skin color. As you continue clicking the “next” button, more options for customization appear, such as hair and eyewear that is in accordance with your taste. You will notice your picture changes each time that you make a selection, until you get satisfied with your “project”. You can save it then to your computer.

Designing a cartoon avatar means using your imagination to express your personality. There are many web-based and free avatar generators on the net that can help you create animations from 3D animations to cartoon portraits. Today there are many avatar makers available online. There are also Flash-based avatar maker where you will be asked to first select your “body” (female, male). Then do the customization with different facial features, accessories, and clothes. When you’re done you can save it as a jpg image, an icon, print it out, or share it with friends and family on various social networking sites. You don’t have to register to this site to create and avatar.

Even if you can find many avatars on the internet that are ready-made, it is much more fun and interesting to use your own photo in creating your avatar.