Ms Marvel Episode 4 Farhan Akhtar’s MCU Debut. Know the full story.

The long wait for Farhan Akhtar in the MCU is over as he makes a cameo appearance in Ms Marvel. Which has been released by Disney Plus Hotstar as Ms Marvel Episode 4 on Wednesday at noon. Farhan Akhtar’s MCU debut was nothing short of a surprise for the audience.

This is episode 4 of the continuously releasing episodes of Ms Marvel, in which we got to see the entry of Farhan Akhtar. Ms Marvel has released 4 episodes so far. Out of which Episode 4 has left many questions in the minds of the people.

We are going to know further about Ms Marvel Episode 4 and at the same time you will know when Ms Marvel Episode 5 will be released and what is the reaction of the people for it etc. So let us first know what is the end story of Ms Marvel Episode 4.

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Miss Marvel Episode 4, which recently released on Disney Plus Hotstar, has a lot in store for Indian fans. Farhan Akhtar’s MCU debut as Waleed in Miss Marvel Episode 4 was not something fans would have expected. But it was nothing short of a surprise.

His character Waleed was the main attraction of the show and did a cameo role well. It is a high flying and action packed role for Farhan Akhtar who deserves his looks. He carries off the long beard and long hair with great weight and you cannot take your eyes off him.

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Kamala Khan’s Ms Marvel show is one of the most “desi” shows of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) ever, based on Asian music and culture. ‘Miss Marvel’ The fourth episode of Marvel and South Asian Masala Cinema presents a good influence.

Ms Marvel Episode 4 Story

The fourth episode of Miss Marvel takes place in Pakistan in which the beauty of Karachi has been captured. Kamla and her mother Muneeba come to Karachi to visit her ailing mother. Kamala Khan is on a secret mission to discover the truth about the Bangle that is the source of her superpowers.

The action-packed Ms Marvel Episode 4, directed by Oscar winner and Pakistani filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, sees Kamala coming to terms with her powers as she takes on danger abroad on her own. Muneeba and Kamla’s relationship is also getting better.

Episode 4 also featured Aramis Knight as kareem/Red Dagger, who is taking Imaan Vellani to a mysterious location where they meet Farhan Akhtar’s character Waleed. is shown in that video clip.

When Karim says, “Tourists are not allowed here. Then Farhan’s character comes in front and says, “But for Ayesha’s family, we can relax this custom. That’s why Kamla – “How do you know my name is Ayesha”, Farhan – My name is Waleed, examples of your great-grandmother’s story are given. Tell me when you are ready, there is a lot to talk about.

Who is Waleed as Farhan Akhtar? (Who Is Waleed As Farhan Akhtar)

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The build-up for Farhan Akhtar’s debut in the MCU began in 2021 when it was reported that he has shot for his cameo role in Miss Marvel. He remained tight-lipped about it and only fans had expectations.

It is a matter of pride for people online to see an actor from the Hindi film industry getting a mainstream role in a major Hollywood production. The MCU Is Writing a New Chapter on Family Entertainment with Miss Marvel

As ‘Miss Marvel’ is a superhero show, Red Dagger, Waleed and Kamala come together in an epic chase sequence set in the streets. Kamla Khan and her two new friends take down bad guys in the narrow streets of Karachi. The show introduced truck and e-rickshaw chase scenes in narrow lanes.

When will Ms Marvel Episode 5 come out?

Now it remains to be seen how Farhan Akhtar will be set up in Ms Marvel Episode 5. Because its fourth episode has proved to be an absolute blast for Farhan Akhtar’s cameo role and it seems that the show has gone all desi as its songs “Pasori”, And seeing the auto rickshaw scene, it seems the same.

ms marvel episode 5 release date 6 July 2022
ms marvel episode 5 release date 12 A.M. to 3 P.M.
ms marvel episode 5 cast Iman Vellani, Aramis Knight, Saagar Shaikh, Risha Shah

Ms Marvel Episode 5 will be released soon on Disney Plus Hotstar. What you’ve been waiting for from Wesbury.


1. What is Ms Marvel Episode 4 Release Date?

The fourth episode of Miss Marvel has been released on June 29 on Disney Plus Hotstar.

2. What is Ms Marvel Episode 5 Release Date?

Ms Marvel Episode 5 will be released on 6 July 2022.

3.Who Is Waleed?

Farhan Akhtar appears in a cameo appearance as Waleed in the fourth episode of Miss Marvel.

4.How much is Ms Marvel Episode Count?

Ms Marvel has a total of 6 episodes.


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