Riva Arora’s Instagram account was removed, and mother apologises to NCPCR, child actor was getting lewd comments on her posts

Riva Arora, who is not even a teenaged girl yet and too young to understand hypersexualisation of herself, was getting creepy and lewd comments on her Instagram where some men also said how they were masturbating to her videos.

The Instagram account of child actor Riva Arora has been removed from the platform. It is unclear when the account went offline or was remove by Instagram.

However, her accounts on other platforms like Facebook and YouTube are active but have a low profile.

Notably, the National Commission of Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) took cognisance of the controversial Instagram reel of Riva with adult male actor Karan Kundra in which one of the shots was done in a bar setup.

The reel was later removed after the outrage. Furthermore, Nisha Arora, mother of Riva Arora, submitted a written apology to the commission.

In an Instagram post on November 18, her mother wrote, “I, Nisha Arora, tender my apology for the video I made for my daughter Riva Arora’s account where I used alcohol setup and which created so much problem and bad image in the society.

I heartily believe being an actor and role models for society, we should portray a good image in society, I wanted to request all child actors and their parents to avoid such kinds of videos. I will take care in future, and I have given an apology letter to the NCPCR and given them all the clarifications related to the issue.”

Later on October 23, Riva’s mother took to Instagram to defend her daughter. Instead of addressing the issue of her daughter’s safety, she was focussing on her age and claimed that she was not 12.

Riva Arora’s mother said, “It’s unfortunate to see renowned publications spreading false information about a young girl without any verifications. My daughter is currently in the 10th grade.

She has worked in the industry for more than 13 years and achieved everything with utmost integrity and perseverance.” If Arora is in 10th standard, she would likely be 14-15 years of age and still a minor and too young to understand hyper sexualisation of herself.